Three Shaft Systems To Choose From:

Door Mount System

Wall Mount System

Tripod System

The World's First Interactive Sparring System

Video Features Working Prototype; not final product

Made in the U.S.A.

Fight Tech is the first ever fully interactive sparring system that challenges both beginner and expert alike, pushing them to their physical limits. Fight Tech responds to the fitness and skill level of each individual, increasing both as you spend more time training. New self-defense instincts will emerge along with a profound change in endurance, strength, coordination, and the confidence in your abilities. It's the only in-home cardio work-out for the whole body and the only in-home fun way to lose weight.

Fight Tech is the only revolutionary interactive sparring system that totally engages you, guaranteeing the perfect workout with minimal risk of injury!

Lose weight and get healthy the Fight Tech way!

Customize Your Workout with Many Different Targets...

All targets are completely height-adjustable.

Spinning Arm

Cardio is everything and this our spinning arm delivers! If you are looking for action and fun in your workout, look no further.

Our patented spinning arm creates non-stop action. BLOCK/ HIT/ DUCK,  the action is up to you as the arm spins revolving around the the shaft creating non-stop fun and keeps you moving.

A combination of high density moulded and extruded plastic with our foam arm creates a safe target that moves at your speed. For all users: young and beginners, and for the experienced pro. The arm spins enough times around the shaft so it does not run out of momentum, and at the same time if hits the user it won't cause any injury.

This is the action that gets you results you have always wanted, high impact with low risk!


For a greater challenge, you can always add another target like our patent pending uppercut target. This is one of our favorites because when sparring you always want the ability to strike upward.

This target goes great with the spinning arm. As the arm spins, you can challenge yourself to hit the uppercut target between each rotation while avoiding getting hit. These two targets working together keeps the action going.

Not only can you hit the target upward, but also from side to side, as though you are throwing a side punch to the head! Safe and light weighing 2 pounds and 18 inches in length, the uppercut packs a vey exciting punch and a great addition to any Orion Fight Tech Configuration.

Jab Target

Our Patent Pending Jab Target is built from industrial grade steel and weighs almost 19 pounds. With a foam head cushion, it is strong enough to take hard direct hits while at the same time is soft enough to prevent a high risk of injury.

This target is for everyone, and you can have one or more on any system. It's all up to you. The jab target can be set straight on or can be turned down at an angle for a knee contact target which makes this target unique and unlike anything else out there.

Use with other Orion Fight Tech targets for non-stop action and fun. This is what you need for fun in your workout and enhanced defense skills!

Double Launch

The Crown Jewel of Orion Fight Tech. The Double Launch Target is programmed to randomly launch two targets at the user to keep the focused and engaged. They are controlled by an electronic timer to ensure that the workout never becomes dull and repetitive.

Benefits: Weight Loss/ Cardio / A High Impact Low Risk H.I.I.T. Workout/Stress Killer/ Self Defense Builder/ and Much More


Fight Tech is the only interactive sparring system that  totally engages you, guaranteeing the perfect high-impact, low risk workout. 

Our patented Spinning Arm Target System provides a fast sense of excitement with low risk. The arm is made primarily of Polyurethane (the same as a pool noodle). We have added a break away spring mechanism as an added safety feature. Getting hit can be fun too!  Useable for a wide range of ages!

(We still recommend using eye protection, especially for young adults).


Orion Fight Tech has partnered with Bertho Boman of Vinland Corporation of Fort Lauderdale Florida.  Mr. Boman has more than 40 years of experience with the medical design and manufacturing industry.

An excellent partner combination between OfT and Vinland Industries will bring you the world's first interactive sparring system built strong to last long...

We guarantee it and you'll love it!

All materials are made from industrial grade components that have been rigorously tested.

Ease of Use

Add new targets and customize your very own unique workout as you grow in skill and increase your fitness level. New self-defense instincts will emerge along with a profound change in endurance, strength, coordination, and the confidence in your abilities.

Our Easy On and Off Patented bracket system makes it easy to change a target in seconds.  We use strong but light weight aluminum for each shaft, making storage a hassle free experience so you can begin your workout and clean up quickly.

Reserve Yours SOON 

Limited Time Reservation Offer Available Soon

Orion Fight Tech reserves the right to offer at any time with or without notice.

After 5 years of development, we are now just months away from production. Be one of the first to own an OfT Sparring System!

Our Guarantee

If you do not like the Orion Fight Tech experience, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Weight Loss

Stress Reduction



Our Story

Hello, my name is Larry Roberts and I am the inventor of the Orion Fight Tech Sparring Systems. I have been passionate about sports and exercise since the age of 14. I eventually had my years of good health getting away from me like most others by the time I was 46, and by then I knew it was time for Orion Fight Tech. 

Orion Fight Tech is designed after boxing and other defensive sports. I carefully watched and learned these sports to design  a mechanical action to simulate the real actions of fighters. This lead me to invent 11 different targets and mechanisms replicating the actions you  might see in a pro fight.  These contact  targets impact the user in a direct but low-impact way, as each target is made of poly-ethylene foam.

You can take comfort in knowing there is living proof that Orion Fight Tech works. When I started using Orion Fight Tech I weighed 242 pounds, and after continuous use I'm now 170. When the inventor is showing you the results, now at 11% body fat, and not some hired model and you can see the results are real and can work for you!

Unenhanced photo of inventor.

Orion Fight Tech is ideal for an High Intensity Interval Training  exercise program. Fight Tech is designed to be used in 2 to 3 minute intense rounds, which can be a lot of fun while still being very demanding. The versatility of Fight Tech allows the user to assemble, disassemble, and store within minutes. Every target is easily fastened on to the shaft and removed  with a simple pin connection. Easy and quick adjustments for all heights and skill levels. Once you progress to a high enough skill level, you can easily add more targets for  a more intense and rewarding workout. (Be sure to always consult your physician before undertaking a new exercise regimen.)

Orion Fight Tech uniquely offers  a high intensity workout with Low Risk Impact. This
project has taken 5 years to develop and has been constantly improved upon. This is a long time, but the end result is absolutely worth it. With a 30 day money back guarantee, what do you have to lose  but weight and bad habits?

If you have an interest in weight loss and good health,  join the Orion Fight Tech family today and you won't regret it, I 

Thank you,
Larry Roberts

Why Buy?

There is absolutely nothing at all like Orion Fight Tech on the market. After five years of continuous innovation, we are delivering you a perfected product like no other. 

OfT offers the only complete in-door workout on the market. With three different shaft systems to choose from, we offer you several options to get the perfect workout both indoors and outdoors.

What Makes Fight Tech Unique?

OfT offers a sensational feeling of interactive sparring. This is the first workout you will actually look forward to. When combined with rapid wieght loss and loads of fun, this makes OfT a truly unique experience.

The Orion Fight Tech Crown Jewel: The Launching Target

Our crown jewel of Orion Fight Tech is that we have designed a randomly launching electronic target that launches at the user giving a sense of total unpredicability. These are electronically programmed to randomly launch soft targets at the user so they can be hit back into place until the next time they launch again.

This keeps the fun and excitement levels up through its sheer unpredictability, and as your skills grow you can just add another target to maintain the perfect work-out experience and challenge.

Doctors and Health Experts agree that Cardio Exercise is the Best Way to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Accordng to the Mayo Clinic, cardiovascular exercise is one of the best methods available for losing weight and getting in shape. In addition to this, cardio may also: 

With OfT you can have all these benefits and more with its unique workout experience that offers a low impacting, invigorating, and absolutely unique.