Orion fight Tech

Intelligent Sparring Exercise System

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Why Orion fight Tech?
What is the value?

Orion fight Tech is the only system that:

  • Offers a unqiue full-body workout.
  • Is easy to learn (2 to 3 ten minute sessions)
  • Offers quick and easy target replacement and adjustment.
  • Offers many combinations to keep you challenged.
  • Automatically teaches self-defense by building speed, agility, peripheral vision, accuracy, and more...
  • Builds stamina while reducing stress
  • Develops cardio and muscle improvements at the same time.
  • Is easy to assemble and store (five minutres or less)

Lose Weight with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • fight Tech offers intense workout with low Risk.
  • HIIT has been scientifically proven to accelerate weight loss.
  • Anaerobic interval training uses the body's reserves of potential energy stored in fat and continues to burn it long after your workout ends.
  • OfT demands high oxygen use which expends the most amount of calories in addition to calories burned from increased body heat.

From Author Paul Mc'All, health and fitness expert.

Orion fight Tech is the perfect method to achieve all the benefits HIIT has to offer. You need to get yours now!

Dual Launch Target


The Dual Launch random release target gives you a sense of sparring with a real partner, no need to pretend you have someone in front of you. You can easily add another and keep stacking to match your new found skills. As your speed and skills increase, so can your challenge. This is what makes OfT so unique.


No matter what pace you are comfortable with, you will automatically develop self-defense skills like speed, accuracy, timing, peripheral vision, coordination, agility and much more. At the same time you will notice a change in your stamina, stress levels, confidence, attitude, weight loss and sleep. The primal instincts we have from nature have been lost with modern living. OfT will develop these natural skills and train you to use them. Like an under water volcano, this power is wanting to be released.

The inventor testing OfT, Age 60-63

Spinning Arm


Cardio is everything and our Spinning Arm delivers the goods when it comes to cardio. If you want real action and don't want to pretend you have an opponent, then this is for you. Move at your own speed, fast or slow, newbie or experienced. BLOCK/HIT/DUCK the action is up to you. The speed of the arm responds to improvement and development of your skills.

We take safety very seriously and our products are all built starting with safety. Our patent pending breakaway arm system is to reduce risk if the arm is hit in a direction it was not meant to travel. The arm has a mechanism that only requires the user to snap the arm back in its designed position and continue with your exercise program. There are 15 components to the Spinning arm and all with safety in mind. The results are FAST ACTION/ HIGH INTENSITY/ LOW RISK/ FAST RESULTS

The Uppercut Target

Hit the Uppercut up and down or side to side!

The Speedbag

The Jab Target

The Single, Double, and Diagonal Jab Targets

We offer four different jab targets: two singles and two doubles.

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